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New Systems


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Hunting for food is are more or less the base of what werewolf do. In Shadow Chronicles this have consequences and benefits. Districts and parts of the forest are called Territories and each territory have a sprite density and 3 kind of common spirit types (either an entire Umia or a Ilthum). The more dense the region is more sprites and easier it is to hunt or find a particular and type of sprit.

Hunt in the territory

The density in a territory ranges 1 to 30. The Forsaken usually maintain a steady 10 spirit density in their territoriums while a pure territory maintain it's density around 20. In order to search for food you require to roll your hunt roll with a density modifier a spirit population of 10 give you 0 dies bonus. By hunting in a 20 point dense territory grans you a +5 modifier to your roll. This is decreased every second down to 10 density points. Going lower then 10 give you a penalty by +2 per point down to a maximum of -5. All modifiers is rounded down.

Possible modifiers                Dies
Hunting a non-native sprit        -3
Hunting a common  spirit          -2 to -0 
Territory contain a wound         +2

Effects and change the decency

You can lower the density by 1 by hunting spirits dubble the current density amount. The spirit density automatically increase every month by 2. You can also increase it by leading or unlocking a locus for spirits in the region. The higher level loci the more you increase the density. This will destroy the loci in the process.

Possible modifiers
Specific type +-5