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New Merits

Here you may find new merits for the chronicle to give the roleplaying more depth. Some of the merits are spinoffs of the games original merits, and some merits may be obtained free during the chronicle.

Free vs Bought Merits
As a player you might receive a free merit due to all kinds of reasons. This merit will grant you the same benefits and flaw as if you bought the merit. Though this come with two drawbacks; it does not apply to other merits referring to the free merit dot and does not benefit from the sanctity of merit rule (It still count as a prerequisite, as if you bought it, for other merits and powers.) 
Example: You have a free Status 2 merit in the Carthian Movement and you have bought a merit that reference your status as a benefit, unless you buy the status merit the benefit will not apply. The status merit will not apply to the bonus but you still are allowed to buy the merit as you prerequisite is fulfilled.

Direct Resources (● to ●●●●●)

Direct resources give you basic cash at character creation.

Effects: Direct resources are a merit giving you one sum of starting money. One dot represents 500₽. Two dots represents 1 000₽. Three dots represents 2 000₽. Four dots represents 10 000₽. Five dots represents 50 000₽. Available at character creation only.

Resources (● to ●●●●●; special)

Resources represent a monthly income from working or owning a Establishment.

Effects: This merit replaces the World of darkness Resources merit and function similar. The income you will be granted monthly for one dot is 500 ₽ a month. Two dots represents 1,000 ₽ a month. Three dots represents 2,000 ₽ a month. Four dots represents 10,000 ₽ a month. Five dots represents 50,000 ₽a month and beyond. This merit may be purchase multiply times this symbolizes benefits or more income sources, for example another job.

New rule for Resources

Fortune (●●● to ●●●●●)

Your character is filthy rich and have money to spare and more.

Effects: Fortune allow your character to spend money without restriction on anything. During a limit amount of time. Three dots represents 10 years of active spending. Four dots represents 40 years of active spending. Five dots represents 80 years of active spending.

Library (● to ●●●●●; special)

Requirements: Home (● to ●●●●●)

This merit grants you a library full of books. When you select this merit you need to select a special focus aria, it could be vampires, werewolves, American history, occult, medicine, or other categories that logically fits in a book. This represents the focused literature of your library. For each dot in this merit, you grant +1 on your research roll when searching for information on your special topic. (A similar merit for this exist in the book Nightly Horrors; Immortal Sinners, p.43)

Security (- to ●●●; special)

Requirements: Home (● to ●●●●●)

This merit grants your home a house alarm. Zero dots represents a simple decoy alarm. One dots represses a simple sounding alarm with a security firm linked to the alarm and or motion detectors linked to a spotlight. Two dots represents a house alarm with a security firm linked to the alarm. Three dots represents a sounding house alarm with CCTV surveillance and a firm connected to the alarm.

Establishment (● to ●●●●●)

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Other names: Cooperation, Business, Organisation, Gang.

Effects: This merit represents a business, store hotel, club or other kinds of corporate related buildings. This merit can be sold and to other characters and it can also go bankruptcy. It is possible to have 0 in this merit this mean that you have are selling things in your garage or rented a room that you conduct buissneses from. You do not get any steady profit from this and each time you have the establishment open you receive a income based on roleplay event or at the Game Masterd descression.

When having the merit you place each dot you gain on one of 3 categories Size, Staff, Income.

Merit size vs building Size

Ordinary House or Shop
 Merit size: 1-2
 Durability 2, Size 40, Structure 42

Small Apartment Building, Large Restaurant or Store
 Merit size: 2-3
 Durability 3, Size 60, Structure 63

Factory, “Big Box” Store, Office or Large Apartment Building
 Merit size: 3-4
 Durability 3, Size 80, Structure 83

Skyscraper, Shopping Mall or Stadium
 Merit size: 5
 Durability 5 or more, Size 100 or more, Structure 105 or more

New Systems

Sleep and Rest

A mortal with 2 stamina requires a uninterrupted 7,5h (8h for 1 dot of stamina and with each dot in stamina lowering this requirement by 0,5 hours.) sleep each night to regain lost Willpower points. If the character do not sleep the required hours, she will not regain any lost Willpower point. If a person misses out of sleep continuously for days, she will lose focus and get tired this results in a -1 modifier for all mental rolls. The character will lose one Willpower point if the character does not sleep more then 4 hours (-1 hour per stamina, to a minimum of 30 minutes) for three days with a increase penalty of 1 to all mental related rolls (with a maximum of -5) each day the character misses out sleep. For every day after that point the character will lose an additional Willpower point. This willpower is recovered normally.

A character can force herself to stay awake for a maximum of 8 days. If a character is awake for more then 8 days, that character will start receiving 1 point of lethal damage per day after the 7 day (in addition to the Willpower lose). This damage is not recovered until you are able to sleep for a full nights rest. When the character forces herself to stay awake, she can only hold out for 4 hours before her body complains. For each hour after the fourth, she needs to make a Stamina + Resolve roll to stay awake. If the character manages to stay awake for more than 2 days, the character needs to make that roll every turn to avoid falling asleep.

Adress & GPS

The Address is used to find and identified grids on the city map. The Address system work like this:

[City Name]: [District Name] [Block]:[Street] "[House/Building/Name of Establishment]"

The GPS system is a more detailed system pin point a address. The GPS system is first of used in forest areas of the city map and uses the pixels on the map full size image. (Earlier it used the Excell grid system.)

War games

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Strength    Assessment
10          Full commitment of troops, high morale
9           Full commitment of troops, positive morale
8           Major commitment of troops, neutral morale
7           Major commitment of troops, low morale
6           Serious commitment of troops
5           Recon group in force
4           Recon group
3           Low commitment of troops, neutral morale (-1 Firepower)
2           Understrength operational group, low morale (-2 Firepower)
1           Depleted operational group, negative morale (-3 Firepower)
Firepower   Assessment
10          High tech military, highly mobile, well equipped and trained
9           Medium tech military, highly mobile, well equipped and trained
8           Low tech military, highly mobile, well equipped and trained
7           Highly mobile, well equipped and trained
6           Medium mobility, well equipped and trained
5           Low mobility, well equipped and trained
4           Well equipped and trained
3           Moderately equipped, well trained
2           Poorly equipped, moderately trained
1           Poorly equipped and trained
Defense    Assessment
5          Heavily fortifi ed positions, hardened structures
4          Urban environment
3          Woodlands, suburbs
2          Hastily prepared positions, scrub or marshlands
1          Open ground